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I give a special thanks to Andy Mager.

The Peace activist

Hello, I'm Fern. I'm 11 years old. I'm in 6th grade. I play basketball , soccer, and take Aikido, a peaceful martial art. I take it at Rick's dojo, he is a really good teacher. He teaches adults and children of many ages.

I really like basketball, I play for the Albany Jr. Falcons. We're better than last year. I'm in the bitty A division. Our soccer team is 12 and under travel, we're The Strikers. My favorite hobby is my dog Farlo, she is a Labrador Retriever/Collie mix. She's all black with white toes and blue skin. Thank you for taking your time and energy to read this description.


Fern BM

You can contact me at fernbm@aol.com

Playing with Andy, age 4, Hanging with mama Cin and Farlo, age 10; skiing with mama Karen, age 9